Poisson d'Avril Contest

If it's not fun, why do it?


From time to time, the Poisson d'Avril Committee finds it regrettably necessary to disqualify individuals, clubs or other organizations from entering.

This list is updated whenever the Committee wants to make a point.

Current disqualifications:

K1AR (It's just the whole in-law thing, probably only for a couple of years)

K3WW (For life. calling me QRP on 15M backscatter was just plain wrong)

N6TV (For life. He knows why.) UPDATED: N6TV has been reinstated. He gave me a ride last year and is storing some stuff for me for Visalia.

Fleetwood Mac (on probation...good group, but they were sooooo much better before they let the girlfriends into the group which led to Lindsay Buckingham...ecccch)