Poisson d'Avril Contest

If it's not fun, why do it?

2006 - 2009 Results & UBN/LCR Reports

Winner, all categories:  Doug Grant, K1DG    

Trophy sponsored by Long Island DX Society

2nd 3rd & 4th  place (tie): W1EBI, W1DAD, W1ZT   Certificate sponsored by Charmin (2-ply)

5th place: W7WHY              A laurel, and hearty handshake next time I see him...just "because"

6th through Nth: you


LCR/UBN Reports:

Golden Log: K1DG

kind of a tarnished tin-looking, cold-solder-joint sort of log: everyone else


Disqualified:  K1AR   (again)    reason: You know what they say about in-laws.


(I told him I'd get him back for THIS, and now I have! Calling me on 15M SSB backscatter QRP and torturing me was just...wrong.)


Forecasted winners, 2007-2009:

1st place: K1DG   Prize: all-expense-paid month-long vacation in Paris, courtesy of Win-Test Contest Software (assuming they appreciate this free advertisement...vive la France!! And I really do like Win-test software. I'm not just saying that. No kidding.)

2nd - Nth place: final results after log/bank-account checking. We accept PayPal and late-model HF transceivers and amplifiers.