Poisson d'Avril Contest

If it's not fun, why do it?


It was a hard-fought battle, with bids being received right up to the deadline. With the end of the world predicted for a few hours later, bidders were anxious to win what could have been the last radio contest ever held.

In second place, with a bid of $111, was K1EP. He had the highest single-op bid, but like a real contest, he was overwhelmed by a multi-op entry. Other contests separate the single-op and multi-op categories, but we at Pd'A HQ think that a winning single-op ought to be able to beat the multi-ops. Except maybe in VHF contests - you know, they have this whole captive rover thing - but I digress.

Anyway, Ed was beaten by the multiop team of W1MD and K1QX, with a winning bid of $120. Since both of these guys were working in the Radioware booth at Dayton, we have dubbed them Team Radioware (http://www.radio-ware.com). The trophy was awarded to Team Captain W1MD at the Contest Forum, accompanied by a short recitation of Marty's accomplishments. After all, he is The Most Interesting Contester in the World.

In a rare example of post-contest, post-results log manipulation, MD and QX later decided to increase their bid to $200. And later, K1XX called in to add his 10,000 cents' worth, and increase the total Team Radioware bid to $300.

Astute observers will note that these three guys operated at PJ4G in the ARRL DX SSB contest with Pd'A Chairman and perennial winner K1DG. We want to emphasize that the friendship between these guys and the Committee did not influence our decision in any way. Well, maybe a little, but frankly, in the end it was really all about the money.

So please join us in congratulating W1MD, K1QX, and K1XX on their hard-fought, and well-earned victory in the Poisson d'Avril. Next year we return to our regularly-scheduled win by K1DG.

And thanks to KA9FOX of QTH.COM Web Hosting for constructing the splendid one-of-a-kind Poisson d'Avril trophy (which would have raised some eyebrows at airport security) and transporting it in his car to Dayton.

(all proceeds from this activity benefit WRTC2014)

And now...a  few words about Marty (W1MD), Craig (K1QX), and Charlie (K1XX)...The Most Interesting Contesters in the World (with apologies to the creator of the Dos Equis beer ads):

Marty works moonbounce - long path.

Craig's FOC number is unlisted.

Charlie does SO2R with both hands tied behind his back. Blindfolded.

Marty copies RTTY by ear.

Craig told Hiram Percy Maxim’s father to buy the kid some radio parts.

The only thing Charlie does barefoot is put up his towers. In the winter.

Marty let Elecraft copy HIS receiver design.

Martti Laine asks Charlie where he should go next.

When Marty's computer crashed after the last Sprint, he retyped the log
from memory. And it was Golden.

Craig built his own Skimmer that identifies stations when they are still tuning up.

W3LPL, KC1XX and K3LR call Charlie for advice on antennas.

Marty gave WB6ACU guitar lessons.

 Craig told the rebellious young Scott Redd to give up the guitar, get a haircut, and join the Navy.

Charlie can tell if 6 meters is open just by sniffing the breeze.

The rocks that came out of the hole for Marty's tower base are now known as Scarborough Reef.

Craig has worked every country on the DXCC list...FROM every country on the DXCC list.

Charlie believes 48-hour contests are too short.

Marty says there is a time and place for single ops to use Packet. The time is NEVER. The
place: you can work that out yourself.

Craig's voice is so distinctive he once operated an entire phone contest without
signing his call, and nobody asked him for it.

 Charlie once had a 400 hour. QRP. From Minnesota.

Marty once left the Kansas City DX Club Dayton CW pileup contest halfway through and still won.

  The team operated the NEQP, 7QP, IN QSO Party, and ARI contest the same weekend and won them all.

 And now they have won the 2011 Poisson d’Avril contest…